N-Finity Muzik

Young Positive Youth Making A Difference

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Young fresh talent from New Haven CT. bringing back good, clean music to the youth. We love life and love to create music that's relatable.  We are brothers  with a unique bond in that we  have had life changing events in our younger years.  KekeBeats the youngest of the group was born in Bridgeport CT while being raised in Meriden CT. Mizskino was born and raised in New Haven CT. We  ended up in New Haven by way of our parents and have resided here for the past few years. Our journey is one of many and we look forward to the trails, growth, struggles, pressures and success that comes along with hard work and perseverance. Never underestimating the obstacles which stand before us but staying faithful to our craft and creator ensures a blessed outcome. Our desire would be to bring back positive attention to our city and state New Haven CT. We hope to beat the odds which are against us given the history of our city. Our music is an expression of our different experiences and personalities. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about Nfinity. Enjoy the show.

Ms. Jessica Carl of 94.3 WYBC